Key Elements of Charm

We enjoy rooms with character, personality, style and a unique sense of design but there’s another coveted factor that many aspire to: Charm. What makes a home or any space charming? Here are some ideas to inspire you and create a warm, and inviting room.

Modern Vintage

Juxtaposition of vintage elements with contemporary ones is a must for any room that seeks charm. Think old school meets sleek modern lines to create a retro vibe that exudes nostalgia yet feels clean to the eye.

Look for pre-loved furniture in your local antique provider, place them side by side to a brand new sofa, use greenery in unexpected places and stay in the same 3-colour palette. Textures are also important, make sure to bring them into the equation.

Mirrors, books and Art

These three components are sure to enhance character and style. With a beautiful reflective surface and multiple or single art pieces and books, we invite imagination and a new vision into the room, we enhance conversation and spark ideas. A sense of wonder that inherently conveys a charming feeling.

Historic and Antique Pieces

There’s nothing more charming than a true Antique. It gives us a sense of history and nostalgia about our own humanity. A creative showcase that has lasted long enough for us to enjoy in the present. What a true delight to have a vintage sign, a table or a piece of furniture that belonged to someone else and was manufactured by hand or in a different time. Talk about conversation starters…


There’s just something about leather… the way it feels, how it serves as a host for our bodies and sets the right mood for character and elegance. Try to incorporate modest elements of this component to any room for an unexpected sense of charm like no other.

Seeking fair trade, cruelty free brands, previously owned or ultra-modern faux alternatives is a must to help the planet.

International Allure

Who says you have to stick to local decor trends to create charm? Why not have an international decor affair in your home? Bring in Paris or Miami, London or Tijuana. The sky’s the limit, if you long for travel and appreciate other cultures, feel free to ignite the ultimate charm element of multiculturalism.

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