Sustainable, Repurposed, or Secondhand Home Decor Ideas for your Bedroom.

Posted by Monica Moy on

Decor elements that update the look and feel of your bedroom can be procured in various ways other than buying new.

Browse through your house to locate items that are not being utilized as often as you would like to see them used and instead place them in your room. Items such as a reading nook chair, foot rest, blanket, rug, vase or decorative pillows are small changes that can make a difference in cozying up a space.

A good selection of lamps can be found secondhand where only the lamp shade sometimes needs to be changed to obtain the style you are looking for. The temperature of the lightbulb you chose can vary from soft white to daylight tones. If the lamp will be used for reading, then a daylight temperature is best. While a soft white bulb is best for a nightstand lamp since it promotes a cozy, warm feel.

A sustainable choice for bedding is bamboo material for its ability to grow quickly and organically. Wonderfully soft bamboo offers body heat regulation, hypoallergenic qualities and long lasting freshness due to its unique fibres.

Add a pop of colour in an eco-friendly and budget friendly way by repurposing a paint colour that was passed up by customers at the paint store. Paint stores often offer cans of paint at a discounted price where the colour has slight imperfections but perfect for you! This is a great option for painting a small accent wall that will serve as an eye catching pop of colour.

From ornate to modern styles, picture frames are abundantly available secondhand! Remove the original photo and voilà, display a family memory beautifully framed on your freshly painted accent wall!

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