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As we search for the next home for our family, we have visited several open houses where one thing is apparent. We have too much stuff! Each house is beautifully staged and free of clutter; and although this may not be how they actually live, it’s a refreshing reminder that less is more.
This renewed sense of perspective got me thinking of ways we could actively declutter our homes.
1. Take stock of linens


Lay out all bedding such as pillowcases and sheets. Next, play a game of match up by gathering 1 fitted sheet + sheet + 2 pillowcases and placing the set folded INTO 1 of the pillowcases. This way a complete set is ready and easy to find next time. Those that do not match up with a set are either donated or reused as cleaning cloths.

2. Pack like you are moving

Choose one closet, or one cabinet a month/week (i.e. bathroom cabinet, laundry room closet, kitchen drawer). Throughout the month only take out items that you need while leaving the rest in the box. Over time, you will not only notice items that have remained in the box may not be necessary, but also much easier to get rid of since they’ve been out of sight.

3. Conceal toys in baskets, arrange by colours.
The varying colours of toys can make ones head spin so you can either embrace colour and organize by rainbow colours like the #HomeEdit gals do or you could store in aesthetically pleasing labelled baskets that coordinate with your home decor.

4. Pay it forward with pre-loved books

While it may be difficult to let go of a well loved book, there is hope. Consider donating some books to a local “book fairy” ( where fairies hide books throughout your city for others to find while hints as to where to find are posted online.

So if you want to jump start your decluttering journey, I advise you to start attending open houses (partly joking) ;)

Resources to inspire:
“The Minimalist: Less is Now”
“Get organized with the Home Edit”
“Tidying up with Marie Kondo”

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