Organizing Goals for the New Year

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The New Year brings motivation, inspiration, and that feeling of fresh creativity.
This is the time when making our space more functional takes center stage.
Whether we are looking for ways of upgrading our closet space, home office or even expanding our pantry, the season brings new light, new space and new beginnings.

Our home has and always will be an essential part of our existence, especially during this time when we have to spend a lot of time indoors.
In order to feel comfortable in our environment, we must create a functional space that will enhance our life.

Why is it necessary to organize our home?
Having an environment that is organized and orderly promotes healthy living, ease and a clean working home space; this generates uplifting feelings and a sense of well-being.

A clear sign of disorder amongst the home front is that feeling when you are trying to locate something and one has turned the place "up-side down".
Frustration begins and that feeling of chaos sets, since you have now pushed objects less used to the back.

Our immediate reaction is to take everything out and stuff everything back in!
However; over time we come to the realization that this is a temporary fix, knowing that it will take twice as long to re-organize.

New Year's Top 5 Tips for Organizing your Home

1. Category Organization
Organizing by categories is one of the golden rules of order. Books, toys, clothing, shoes, tools, food, kitchenware should have a designated space exclusive to their type. If we get accustomed to this motto "Everything has a home", it will become easier to find. Remember that this technique requires for us to place objects back to where they belong on a daily basis.

2. Create Storage Space
Take a good look at the room around you and ask yourself if a simple corner or wall could potentially become a storage space. Technology now allows for you to customize almost any wall into a built in shelving solution allowing space to become even more functional. Any unused wall can become an extra closet or a pantry with proper planning and design.

3. Boxes & Containers
Any extended or open shelf can benefit from boxes and containers that can elevate the feel, look and space of any closet. Even better if they are the same type, size and colour to create a pleasant view and flow. This is a great solution to store less frequently used items on top shelves, you can even label them on the outside to know exactly what is placed inside.

4. Led Lighting
We no longer have to find our clothes in the dark. There are many options with advanced technology applications like led lights that can brighten up any storage space upon request. Think bright, open illuminated spaces that evoke a sense of clarity.

5. Ergonomically Functional Office
Home work spaces are essential now more than ever.
Regardless if we work from home or not. A professionally curated space to allow both, work and multi-functional use is key.

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