Murphy Beds a Creative Solution for Life

Posted by Cathy Alberich on

A few years back when I used to travel frequently, I dedicated most of my time exploring interesting cities and locations. My work has given me the opportunity to make many friends all over the world due to design and art projects. James and Elizabeth are a couple I met through a common creative endeavour in San Francisco, they decided to settle in a beautiful spot just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico which came in handy when I decided to photograph the city for a local magazine. I called and asked if I could stay with them for the weekend and they gladly opened their doors. It was a warm and cozy traditional home in the middle of a desert garden filled with native plants and surrounded by interesting shapes and rocks. I was enchanted by the attention to detail to every aspect of the decoration, arrangement of furniture and fascinating ways of organizing to maximize space, it was after all a medium house.

We walked past the beautiful living room through a side hallway and they told me that I would be staying in the home office/studio for the following 3 nights. Interestingly enough, there was only a desk and workplace, a storage door, a large window and a chair. I was thinking I should have brought a sleeping bag when all of a sudden James pulls out this Murphy Bed from what seemed to be a closet door on my back. I was pleasantly surprised and relieved at the same time. We joked around with the surprise and it instantly brought a smile to my face.

My stay was a warm, dedicated time for my work and building a relationship with friends from another city but as days went by after my return home I kept thinking about the cleverness of that wall bed. I started to look more into them not only as a functional element to double the space in a studio but also as a clever invention that made me feel welcomed in an unexpected place.

I found all sorts of beautiful creations from actual desks that turn into beds to full wall mountings that double and triple the function of one single space. Since then I keep sharing this idea when I come into a room that would greatly benefit from it, for guests or simply because beds are so space consuming that they seem to take over a full room when actually they can just be put away and used when needed allowing the room to have multiple uses.

Now as a mom and content creator that sometimes works from home, I am seriously considering one as a transition bed for my 6year old that needs extra care at night, as a comfortable space for my mom when she visits or for James and Elizabeth if they decide to come to Canada. These clever space savers are great for every stage of life.

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