Make Space for Zen

Posted by Monica Moy on

Spring is calling and it wants you to bloom where you are planted, your home! A space that can be enhanced to your liking as an oasis where feelings of calm, inspiration, and care can grow. Among the chaos that can come with responsibilities at home, there too can be a space, a time or an ambiance created to recharge!


Give a go at creating an occasional outdoor office where the sunlight and sounds of nature can help lift mental fog. This growing trend of encouraging a change of scenery into nurture (in nature) is a trend we can stand behind!


Reduce the “digital noise” zoning a small space where all devices are charged to minimize; cord clutter throughout the house, forgetting where you’ve placed a device, and distractions from being present. Having a designated digital space can act as a reminder to “unplug” by plugging in a device in its resting spot. Enjoy your screen free moments!


Decompress in a nook complete with a lamp, books, soft textures, calming colours, and dimmed lighting that is sure to welcome you each day as you see fit. Replacing a light switch with a dimmer feature can be a small welcomed change to boost the ambiance you are seeking. Also, the temperature of a bulb can be a difference between feeling awake or calm.


Create organized solutions for each room by walking around your home and taking notes on the areas that could use help with storage. An organized space can promote bursts of creativity from the absence of clutter and that pep in your step towards spring!




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