How to Organize your Closet. A Step by Step Guide.

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If you want your closet to win over chaos there are no half measures: Empty everything, gather all your clothes and accessories and follow this step by step guide. You will feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

Empty everything

Before organizing a closet, you have to empty it completely. And not only the closet, you must also take out clothes from all the places where you have garments stored. This way you will consider everything, even the forgotten ones. You will have a clear perspective about the space you have to store and you will be able to do a deep cleaning according to you current lifestyle.

No more fear

It’s scary, but with time you will lose the fear of tossing out (donating or selling what you no longer use or need) Make 3 piles: "the good", “the maybe” and the “to toss” Remember: Less is always more. If something holds a sentimental value, make a special storage for it out of your daily wardrobe space, this way you can access it later but it won’t take your every day space. You should at least have 1/4 of your current closet in “the gone” pile.

Divide and conquer

Once you have “the good” and “the maybe” piles, separate them by type, only then you will know how much space you really need for each category and you will see that storing them will be way more effective. Make groups of pants, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters… Make sure they fit your body at your current weight. After you've organized them this way, remove one more item from each group.

Treat yourself

To fancy hangers. This is one of the best investments for you and your closet. All of the same type and colour. They will make organization easier for many years to come as they tend to last indefinitely and keep your closet tidy. CosyCloset Vancouver offers these amazing pant hangers from TAGHardware.

Keep daily clothes at reach

The best way to make your closet functional is to have the garments you use the most, at hands reach. This should be on the one side of the wardrobe that you use the most or is easiest to access, this way you can grab and go.

Surrender to folding the right way

This is the hardest, at least for me. I never have the patience to fold Marie Kondo style no matter how much I try, but I will tell you this: The few times I've done so, my days have started smoother and happier. I have an overall feeling of accomplishment. Worth the effort? Yes. Doable all the time? Up to you, my friend.

Multiple shelves are always best

If you find yourself with tall space shelves you will always encounter the problem of over-piling foldable items. Instead, opt for multiple shelving systems that are shorter in height, this way you can make the most of the space without the effort of holding garments on top of the ones you want. Add custom drawers to make the space even more efficient.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Your closet, that is. From Wall Hooks, to Pull Out Rods and Racks, there is a vast universe of options that can be permanently installed to any closet no matter the size. Check out these options and keep your accessories tidy and at sight every time.

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