How to Make the Best out of a Small Closet

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It is not uncommon for us to have more clothes than we can store. This causes our wardrobe to be in chaos and finding any garment an impossible mission. To avoid this situation, it is important to know how to organize a small closet.

There are tricks to make the most of the space and have clothes perfectly organized. This way we will have all the garments in sight, and it will be easier to choose the set we have in mind. Some mornings are stressful enough so fighting with our closets shouldn't be.

Multiply Hanger Rods

This is the first and most important thing to do. Most closets come standard with one hanger across. If you install a second bar from which to hang more clothing, you will gain an impressive amount of storage. In the images you can see how double height bars from CosyCloset’s Basic Series can optimize the space.

Utilize Dead Space

If you look inside your closet you might find that the top corners are largely unused spaces because they don’t have any system to support storage. There are multiple ways to store more. You can install small rods from back to front on the inside corners, horizontal or vertical shelving, even boxes can optimize this space instead of simply folded items. Try labeling boxes to know what they hold for easy access.

Be Creative with Shoe Storage

From pull-out extendable shoe racks, adding shelves under drawers or revolving organizers, the options are endless. For example, you can install a shoe rack on the back of the closet door in a vertical position or place a lower custom shoe organizer that extends completely from side to side. Remember, if you have a really small closet, shoes don’t necessarily need to fit inside. You can additionally create a built-in unit or floating shelves on any wall or corner, even a full piece of storage furniture as part of your room’s décor. We must think outside the closet when it is too small.

Incorporate Hooks

Hooks, especially pull-out units, are a marvellous way to save space, there are multiple options for installing strategic hooks in any unused wall or furniture board inside the closet. From simple mounts to high-tech options, hooks make any accessory fit in a small place.

Dividers and Boxes

If you have a long shelf, try incorporating dividers for folded items and accessories. This way they won’t change positions from one pile to the other, keeping everything in its place. Boxes are also great storage organizers, the keep the space clean and tidy especially when storing out-of-season items or special occasion accessories.

Fold Differently

Many of us fold in a traditional way, but we should do it depending on the type of space we have. When sorting inside drawers of a small closet, the best way is to do so is by using the Filing Method aka The KonMari Method. It might take a bit of practice at the beginning but with time it becomes extremely practical. Use space saving containers or dividers for smaller items such as kids socks, underwear or cosmetics.

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