Featured Project: Creating an Elegant and Functional Home in Burnaby, British Columbia

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Continuing with our series of featured projects, we are thrilled to present this full-home project in the beautiful city of Burnaby, British Columbia. This project consisted of transforming a newly built property into a luxurious and functional oasis, with a particular focus on creating stunning and organized storage spaces throughout the home.


A Closer Look at the Project

Our team worked diligently to design and build 8 units that would exceed our client's expectations. The main bedroom featured a grand walk-in closet, providing ample space for wardrobe collections of any size. Additionally, we created a large double reach-in closet and two additional walk-in closets, perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the homeowners.

To enhance the functionality and elegance of each closet, we incorporated TAG Hardware accessories. These additions included pant organizers, tie and scarf organizers, shoe fences, illuminated accessory drawers, wall organizers, and a rotating mirror. These thoughtful details not only contributed to the high-end aesthetic but also maximized storage efficiency for our clients.


Effortlessly Stylish Design

One of the most notable aspects of this project was the contemporary yet timeless design that adorned each storage space. Our team expertly selected the best furniture boards available in the market, known for their exceptional quality and ability to withstand the test of time. The combination of top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship resulted in a finished look that exuded elegance and practicality.


Creating Lasting Impressions

We take great pride in our ability to create storage solutions that not only meet our client's current needs but also stand the test of time. The meticulous attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials ensure that our projects are built to last for years to come.


The Benefits of Our Work

By investing in our full-home project, our clients now enjoy a multitude of benefits. The carefully designed closets provide them with functional storage solutions, making it easy to keep their possessions organized and accessible. Additionally, the elegant design and superior craftsmanship have added value and charm to their property.

We are incredibly proud to showcase this featured project in Burnaby, British Columbia. Our team's dedication, expert design skills, and the use of top-quality materials from CosyCloset have resulted in a full-home project that seamlessly balances elegance and longevity.

If you are ready to transform your home into a space that is both stylish and organized, we would be delighted to discuss your project with you. Contact us today to discover how we can turn your dream home into a reality!



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