Creating a Giving Space

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A sure way to freshen the look of your wardrobe and feel of your closet is by starting a giving space. Creating a designated area that temporarily stores unwanted items, can serve as a reminder to donate throughout the year, rather than during the holiday season only. With the winter months upon us, charities have an increased need of clothes, blankets or items for children so there is no better time to start than the season of giving

Clothing items or accessories that no longer serve you a purpose, or in the words of Marie Kondo, “bring you joy”, can easily be placed in a designated hamper the moment you feel you no longer enjoy the piece. By having the “giving bag” at an arm’s reach, you are not only more likely to continually add to it but also donate regularly to those in need.

Consciously choose a small to medium space in the closet as your donation area in order to avoid a large amount of clothing items from accumulating. The TAG Hardware Engage Laundry Organizer™ serves a double function; while it can be used for its original purpose of a laundry bag, when requested as a double system it can also serve as a donation or "transition" hamper while you decide to finally let go.

If you find that clearing out unused items makes you uneasy, try sifting through the bag in 2 weeks time. This is around the same time the bag should be emptied and donated regardless. Those items you once loved may not be as appealing, making the process of letting go an easier transition.

Now that you have extra space in your closet from decluttering, new items that serve a purpose, and bring a fresh outlook to your wardrobe, can be introduced. Imagine, a wardrobe curated by you where every piece emanates a good feeling when you browse at your closet each morning. You could also feel good that your pre-loved items will be someone else’s treasure.

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