Closet Accessories: Adding Functionality and Value

Posted by Cathy Alberich on

For some of us, having a beautiful and functional closet has taken priority in our lives. What used to be a space of simple storage, has now become a showcase of pivotal design that can add value to our property. From the rise of popularity in home organizing shows, to celebrities making extraordinary efforts to display their valuables, closets have taken centre stage.

The fact that we are spending more time at home during a pandemic, has us entering a realm of possibilities of customizing spaces to make them beautiful and that of value. Technology has provided an extraordinary capacity to help in doing just that.

This is where closet accessories like the TAG Hardware ENGAGE Collection gracefully steps in to provide next level functionality. From folding stations incorporated into the closet itself, to jewelry and shoe organizers that can be repurposed as drawers, the possibilities are there. Also, pant organizers featuring plastic sliding strips, allows pant hangers to glide effortlessly and seamlessly without scratching the frame. Even a laundry space is provided to complete the storage solution. The result is a clean, elegant space with multiple possibilities and designed to last.

The newest addition: A beautifully illuminated glass shelf that brings elegance and transparency to brighten what is usually is a solid space.

Presenting these modern accessories is a game-changer for interior design, the options are here and ready to be incorporated into our homes creating timeless storage solutions for years to come.


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