A New Era of Functionality

Posted by Cathy Alberich on

Remote working, disinfecting everything well, spending more time inside ... This pandemic (and confinement) has made our experience of living at home one to remember and on many occasions we have had to remodel and adapt drastically. Let's take a look at the greatest changes and new solutions that have made our space gain functionality and a renewed, fresh perspective.

The Entrance Gains Importance

Our routine has changed and the entryway is no longer a mere entrance. It is now an important receiving space where we put on or take off our shoes, garments, masks, we prepare for the outside world. A prepping and arriving station if you will. All this requires a small infrastructure of furniture, perhaps new options to make it more functional. We recommend a functional entrance system.

A New Take on the Home Office

We are turning to unexpected spaces in our homes like bedrooms, basements, guest rooms and even within the kitchen or living room. In the absence of a room for an office, many of us have had to set up a work corners and centres at home or inside an existing nook or closet. In fact, built-in desk units have been on the rise in the past 9 months. Our advice is to find a space with natural light and enough freedom for you to feel comfortable for several hours at a time.


A Functional Kitchen

Cooking has been a regained activity for many during confinement. And in this scenario, the Pantry became an absolute necessity especially when extra storage is needed. Which are the favourite elements to enhance our culinary experience? Without a doubt, those that offer simplicity of use and streamlining of tasks.

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