6 Interior Design Trends We Look Forward to in 2021

Interior design trends for the new year are abundant of impressive ideas and aesthetic concepts that can be adjusted to any preference or environment. Personality and character take centre stage in what promises to be a bright new era. Depending on your mood and lifestyle, you can find inspiration with this guide for your personal design. Without further ado, here are a few 2021 interior design trends.

1. Blue Accents and Furniture

The colour navy or classic blue continue to be part of next year’s design top trends. The “new black” is suitable for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.

In fact, one of the top furniture trends in 2021 is the retro velvet navy sofa, a stunningly beautiful piece that also comes in other bold colours like dark green, burgundy, terra cotta, and even muted yellow. Use blue accents throughout and feel the cool new year vibes.

2. Light Woods

Inspired by Scandinavian Design, light woods will be everywhere in 2021.

This material will be used not only on floors but also on most built in units, closets, to cover walls and furnish ceilings.

Interior design in 2021 will be all about establishing an organic and Eco-friendly environment, which is predominantly highlighted with the use of sustainable and natural materials, especially wood.

Raw aesthetics will also be a highlight for multipurpose spaces. A natural accent with a touch of contemporary design.

Next year, you will notice that many interior designers will continue to include natural materials such as different types of wood, bamboo, or handmade fabrics, as well as iron, steel, and concrete.

3. Sustainable Modern Design

As mentioned, the trend of natural and repurposed materials will predominate next year, which includes furniture.

There is an urgent need to develop solutions for wasted plastic and faulty furniture. Interior design trends in 2021 will determine a new era in the development of sustainable yet durable furniture.

New bioplastic and reused materials with lower footprint and impact on the environment will continue to predominate as well as give second life to vintage pieces.

4. Everything Custom

2021 is all about you. With custom solutions and modern technology there are unlimited possibilities into what you can create for your space. From personalized closets to built-in units, full mounted shoe organizing walls, drawer systems and functional pantries, next year serves as the perfect stage for your specific needs.

5. Grays and Neutrals

Neutral colour schemes will always be in style. The most important aspect of this type of interior design is introducing subtle details that will add a little more character to the interior. Ideal for creating intimate and welcoming environments.

The main colour focus for the upcoming season is grey combined with other neutrals such as white, beige, soft brown, or similar light colours.

Additionally, many interior designs in 2021 will include muted colours like light green, blue or coral that blend beautifully with neutrals and greys.

6. Industrial Elegance

Industrial elegance can be incorporated into any interior with specific elements such as painted brick walls, concrete or wooden floors, metal stools, crystal chandeliers and dark fabrics.

The best part of this twist on the industrial style is that it matches perfectly with the neutral and grey colours, light woods, custom designs and blue details mentioned above.

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